Copy is the lifeblood of your business
Make more money with yours today

I will sit at your desk, EVERY DAY, to help you write emotion-driven, revenue-generating copy. 

It's as easy as that. 

The simplicity of this idea is insane. But the results of being a member? Are PHENOMENAL. 

How it works: 
1. You write ... anything (an ad, your web copy, an email for your list, social posts, etc.).
2. You submit a ticket via our support Help Desk (you'll get the link to do that when you join us) 
3. Within 48 business hours, you have the notes you need to shift whatever you wrote from boring and vanilla to CHA CHING! (Not kidding, happens all the time - we have had people increase their conversions from zero to 15%!)
This group is a no-brainer for those who struggle to write. Period. 

As a network, internet, or social marketer, hell, if you do ANY business online, copy is the epicenter of your entire world. 

If you’re tired of hiring it out and then having to fix it anyway because your writer didn't "get it", then the Copy Edge is going to be your new best friend.

Here, you'll get the targeted feedback and creative direction your business needs to bring in more profit.


Get feedback and direction from a seasoned master who understands how to craft words that elicit action from readers, so that your copy never feels vanilla again.
With over seven  years experience in the industry, having contributed copy to campaigns for a $61M brand, and writing for clients who make 6&7 figures online, I got you.
Don’t struggle with copywriting & conversion anymore

No more wishing you could hire someone to help you with your copy

Laser targeted feedback and direction means you write like a professional copywriter (read: you make more money)

Emotion is my bag. It’s what I do.
It’s what I’m going to help YOU do.
And you will have access to critiques and reviews that will send your profits SOARING, at a fraction of the cost that a premium copywriter charges, without the hassle and back and forth that a wannabe of the low-cost writers out there. 

You want to make powerful strides in your business. The Copy Edge is your edge.
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The Copy Edge is THE place to hone your copy so your words resonate on deep levels with the people you want buying from you.

​​​​​​​Whether you’re looking for sales, likes, or sign-ups, you have to hit the right nerves in your readers. 

So bring your words and let me show you how (and where) you can do that in your copy to make it happen.
Discover the EMOTIONS your readers are missing from you and bring it. Full-tilt.

Sales copy, web copy, ad copy, email copy, social copy. Basically, if you write it, it’s copy. And it has a purpose.

If yours isn’t helping you fill your bank account, together, you and I will fix it by pulling at the right emotions at the right time and whispering into their souls. Even if you’re selling wrought iron gates or “how to lose 37 pounds in 14 days”. 


Only $67/mo - cancel anytime

About Tania Dakka
Elite coaches whose pockets run deep trust me with their words and emotions. They rely on me to crank out the copy that will help them maintain that status. Now, I want to show you how to do it. 

I'm Tania Dakka, rider, writer, and bourbon connoisseur. I've been writing, online, since 2011, creating emotion in people and sales in businesses.

I've contributed copy to a campaign for a $61M household brand. I write copy for powerful, high-earning coaches, franchises, and small businesses. And I can because there's one thing I understand: The power of the FEELS. It drives us all as humans and if you master that, you can master the art of craveable copy that easily lets you ROCK YOUR LEGEND. 
You're In Safe Hands With Our
"CAN'T LOSE" Guarantee!
We want to completely remove any risk for you making the decision to invest in this offer, so my team and I designed the best guarantee ever for you:

If you don’t dig this space and can’t get what you want here, within 30 days, you can let our support staff know and they will give you a full refund. This is a no-contract, no-commitment group. Sign up today, knowing you are not bound by your first born to stay.

Plus, you can even keep the whatever videos and resource files you’ve gotten your hands on! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this offer. 

But you know what? You’re going to dig the shiz out of the profits you make from the targeted feedback you get, so I know you’re going to want to stay!

"If you want anybody sitting at your desk writing for you, it's Tania Dakka! Copy used to be frustrating and complicated for me. Her creative direction has helped me tremendously and having that copy edge is the ace up my sleeve." - Sheila Hawkins, ThirdEyeGroup.Net

"Can I just say how much I love being part of the Copy Edge? My life is full of writers, editors, journalists, PR gals, and grammar nerds so there’s lots of people I can turn to whenever I need feedback about my writing. But the ability to receive consistent, fast, expert advice--without having to buy someone a case of beer or look after their cat in return--is golden." - Maria Lironi,

"I love the Copy Edge too! Thanks for putting it into words Maria !! And THANK YOU TANIA !!!!!!!" - Mollie Fagan,

only $67/mo

**Note: This service is to get direction and feedback, due to the low investment, I cannot write copy for you. I can and will tell you how to make it powerful, bold, authoritative and engaging, however.​​​​​​​

Space is uber limited, so join us before all the spots are gone!



In order for everyone to be in the same position, the number of members must be limited to one per member, per day, unless prearranged.

What comes next:

Once you buy, you can request the private Facebook group and my team will approve your access! 


Questions? Contact us